Version B58.2.1

You can find here the latest versions, with changelogs, and documentation.
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Version B58.2.1

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here is the latest version:

If you update from 57 or before, PLEASE:
This new version reworked many things internally in terms of aerodynamics and engines.
You should delete the old c:\A320FMGS\aircraft content (except for the engine sounds) before installing the new version.
It will install a SINGLE NEW vehicle (FMGS A320) in P3D, which should be use, no matter if you later fly with IAE or CFM.
When changing from CFM to IAE or vice versa, you only need to change the settings in the FBW window, you must NOT change the vehicle in P3D.
This is an important update, and a first step towards multi simulator support.

The release log:

-Fixed nose wheel steering issues (rudder and tiller orders being reversed, too strong rudder effect on tiller)

-Reworked landing gear systems (LGCIUs, braking & steering logic)
-Added some analog axis in FMGS Config (LDG ELEV, CAB/CRG temperatures, LDG GVTY handle)
-Fixed sidestick priority latching logic
-Fixed IR OFF LED not working with new style ADIRS
-Added Xwind fix for P3D V5.4
-Fixed CPflight TCP hardware issues with devices other than FCU
-Fixed FDS bugs & optimisations in V2 module
-Fixed hardware Connect hidden window
-EHID: added WXR panel

-Improved oil pressure computation
-On OVHD panel, GENx FAULT now appears when only on BAT
-Reworked some landing gear system interactions (LGCIUs)
-FBW in networked mode: fixed potential oscillations. You need to create the following empty textfile C:\A320FMGS\FMGS Server\rudderFilter.txt on the PC where you have FMGS Server/FBW running
-Fixed some FDS interface issues
-Fixed some route drawing/following issues (VI INTCP legs and tight turns at high speed when next point is too close)

-Fixed potential engine sound bug
-Fixed external Effects path at installation
-Added weight in LBS option
-Enhanced graphics of ND rose/arc distance rings
-Fixed CPT QNH always returning to default mb/inhg every now and then
-Fixed many issues with FDS boards, added more of their full modules
-Fixed potential nose wheel steering bug
-Fixed some HYD bug at engine start
-Enhanced IAE FF schedule during startup sequence
-Fixed SIOC Creator FO MCDU device index not saved, RAM AIR with latch option, WXR gain typo in sioc code
-Fixed THR LVR bug in FMGS_Config

-Fully reworked engines and variants. All engine computations are done outside P3D (N1, N2, EGT, FF, oil press & temps, etc...).
There is now a single vehicle in P3D which should be selected (A320), do not use the old ones (A320-214 nor A320-233).
-Fixed FDS ethernet & USB interfaces bugs
-Fixed some VNAV and LNAV computations (including ND route drawing, VDEV computation and tracking, lateral route tracking on some legs)
-Fixed APU not starting in case of EMER ELEC configuration
-Fixed PTU fault after engine start
-Added interface
-Fixed bugs in CPflight TCP FCU interface
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