Version B59.1.2

You can find here the latest versions, with changelogs, and documentation.
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Version B59.1.2

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here is the latest version:

If you update from B58.x or earlier: YOU MUST RECOMPILE THE NAVDATA!!!

The release log:

21/09/2023 59.1.2
-Added Xwind fix for P3D V6.0.35.31017
-Fixed ENGRUN strter command
-Fixed getting stuck in abnormal attitude law when repositionning. If you get stuck in it, go in any P3D option window then back to the simulation again.

-Added Xwind fix for P3D V6.0.34.31011

10/09/2023 59.0.0
-Official P3D V6 support
-Implemented basic Take Off Performance tool
-Implemented FDS motorized Trim wheels
-Added FDS TCP clock support
-Implemented Flight Illusion Triple Brakes Gauge
-Tried to fix some bugs with Skalarki LDG ELEV potentiometer
-Fixed symulatory spoilers arm/disarm bug
-Fixed 8.33khz support with P3D
-Fixed managed speed target in LDG CONF3
-Fixed wet cranking not always turning Fuel Flow on
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