Error in SIOC Creator

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Error in SIOC Creator

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When I make an assignment for the engine start panel (fire and fault) in SIOC Creator, new variables are created.
When compiling the Crator generates an error message.
I suspect that the variable name is too long. As far as I know, the max. length is 15 digits for variable-name in SIOC.
ENG1startFireuled has 17 digits.

Code: Select all

Config_SIOC ver 5.2   -     By Manuel Velez    -
Open file "C:\A320FMGS\Hardware Modules\JeeHellWare.txt"
Phase 1
Phase 2
Line: 17 Var 7, name ENG1startFireuled, Link IOCARD_OUT, Device 1, Output 60
 ==> ENG1startFireuled
In addition, one request. Master Warning and Master Caution has an upper and a lower LED. AUTOLAND as well.
In SIOC Creator I can assign only one LED under MISC. Would be nice if the second LED could also be assigned.

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