[Suggestion] Cabin temperature

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[Suggestion] Cabin temperature

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I have two small suggestions for the cabin temperature. I know this is really not a "core" part of the simulation but these little details would increase the immersion quite a bit for me.

Suggestion 1:
Currently (B58), when starting Cold & Dark, the cabin (and cockpit) temperature defaults to 24C. So when I go to the aircraft early in the morning, for the first flight of the day, and the outside air temperature (OAT) is let's say 2C, it is a little bit "odd". I would love to see the default cabin temperature be based on the OAT. My suggestion would be to randomly pick a temperature between 22C (let's call that comfortable) and 22 +/- half the difference with the outside temperature. Using the example above, if it is 2C outside it would pick a random value between 22C and 12C for the cabin temperature. If the OAT had been 32C, then the cabin temperature would be anywhere between 22C and 27C.
Also it would be really nice to add a little randomness between the 3 zones, maybe just +/- 1C or even +/-0.5C (assuming the initial random temperature described above has not been rounded to the nearest degree yet). So the zone temperatures would typically not be exactly the same to start with.

Suggestion 2:
During turn-around at the gate I would love to see the cabin temperature slowly drift towards the OAT is packs are off. This would represent the aircraft cooling off or warming up based on the OAT. I would think this could be accomplished by an exponential decay with a time constant of roughly 5 hours. With an OAT of 12C, a starting cabin temperature of 22C would then cool off to 21C after half an hour. It would be down to roughly 20C after a full hour.
Here too it would be great to randomize a little bit the time constant per zone, so that the temperature change does not happen exactly at the same time across all 3 zones (if starting from the same temperature across all 3 zones when the packs are turned off).

These are just some ideas. I am happy to discuss in more details or see those parked at the bottom of the "nice to have" list.

Thierry (aka Captain Tango)
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