Engine sound stopping

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Engine sound stopping

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Since the last 2 flights in a row, my engine sound stopped playing. Only the Jeehell cockpit sounds continued.
It suddenly goes off and I can not turn it on again. I've tried deactivating/activating the P3D engine sound and also turning off/on the loudspeaker.

Both times it happened during approach. I am not sure, if there is a correlation - but last flight it happened just as I switched on the seatbelt signs. For the flight before I can not say.

I am using the engine sound from BSS. Engine sound and Cockpit sounds are assigned to different soundcards.

PS: another issue I have with BSS - the engine stress start up sound reduces volume after a few seconds. However if I play the sound file in Windows Media Player it sounds ok.

Has anyone experienced the same and has an idea, how to fix that?


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