A320 FMGS B60

You can find here the latest versions, with changelogs, and documentation.
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A320 FMGS B60

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here is the latest version:

If you update from B59.x or earlier: YOU MUST RECOMPILE THE NAVDATA!!!

The release log:
20/02/2024 B60.1.5
-Fixed ILS APPR AP1+2

16/02/2024 B60.1.4
-Fixed RNAV approach APPR FINAP/APP NAV modes engagement issue

13/02/2024 B60.1.2
-Fixed SLS approach APPR mode engagement issue

09/02/2024 B60.1.1
-Added xwind support for P3D V6.1 patch 2
-Fixed landing capabilities display
-Fixed some PFD graphics issues (altitude at initialisation, FPA value)
-Fixed SIOC issue with RAM AIR
-Implemented FDS ethernet FCU (new product)
-Fixed DME slant range computation
-Fixed LOC* engagement (better angle/distance/turn radius logic)

18/12/2023 B60.0.6
-Added xwind support for P3D V6.0 patch 6
-Fixed issue with symulatory spoilers
-Fixed issues with simpatcher (mostly under FSX)

12/12/2023 B60.0.5
-Fixed simpatcher creating stutters in P3D
-Fixed Simpatcher compatibility with FSX
-Fixed speed target range in DES mode when constraints or SPD LIM applies
-Fixed GLS not working
-Fixed SRS mode not reengaging when in GO AROUND phase is putting the THR LVRs from any detent to TOGA
-Fixed TCAS reversion from RA to CLEAR OF CONFLICT logic
-Fixed remoteJoy issues (double push events sent)
-Fixed some trim issues with various manufacturers
-Fixed displaced threshold position when computing final approach
-Added FSUIPC offsets for querying exterior lights status
-Added external horn on MECH button push and ADIRS on batteries only on ground

16/11/2023 B60.0.3
-Fixed some pseudo waypoints display
-Fixed some vertical profile computations on final approach
-Fixed some bugs with FLS/SLS options

06/11/2023 60.0.2
-Fixed some vertical profile computations on final approach
-Fixed some bugs with FLS/SLS options

06/11/2023 60.0.1
-Fixed LS scales size (ILS normal diamonds were too big)
-Fixed issues when FLS options was disabled (virtual beam wrongly visible and G/S deselect wrongly possible)

05/11/2023 60.0.0
-Implemented SLS, GLS and FLS approaches
-Fixed ACARS weather
-Fixed issue with pure LOC approaches
-PFD/ND graphics enhancements
-Fixed bug on closing PERF EFB tool
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