DX12 and Skalarki crashes

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DX12 and Skalarki crashes

Post by michael1508 »

Hi all,

Since a few weeks I am experiencing crashes of DX12 as also Skalarki.

- The DX12 error is "DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_HUNG". This happens nearly on every flight. Windows event logger does not report any error!

- Skalarki /Windows error: "Error occured during run of profile 'D-AKMG-JL': ...and then in German (translated) "...an element with the same key has already been added"). This happens like every second flight. Today even 2 times within a few minutes. I have had this error a few times some while ago, but it didn't occur the last 2-3 years. And I am using exactly the same profile since then.

Now one of the two errors happens in the first 20 minutes after starting the sim.

The Dx12 seems to be a very popular error message according to Google, but none of the provided tips helped - where I am also not the only one according to Google.
The Skalarki error message seems to actually come from Windows. Searching for "an element with the same kex has already been added" delivers several hits, related to diverse software products.

The only thing I changed was upgrading from P3D v5.3 to 5.4. What I should also mention is, that I've reverted back to 5.3 after having some issues with ActiveSky. Then reinstalled 5.4 again. Maybe something got screwed up by going back and forth?

Before I am going to reinstall Windows and set the machine up from scratch again - are there any other tipps or someone experiencing similar with 5.4?


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Re: DX12 and Skalarki crashes

Post by PsychloneZA »


I don't think P3d v5 has DX12 support. I also know that DX12 is still in an experimental stage as even MSFS2020 is having issues with it.
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Re: DX12 and Skalarki crashes

Post by bbruechmann »

It has! DX12 was introduced by LM in since P3D V5.0

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