New Tool für Jeehell Updates

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New Tool für Jeehell Updates

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Hi everyone,

I think some of us know the problem. The Jeehell software is installed on several computers and special adjustments have been made. For example, the AIrcraft was adjusted or the effect files for the dynamic lights were adjusted.

The list could certainly be extended. After an update to the Jeehell software, manual reworking is usually required so that everything works as it did before. I no longer wanted to create backups, then carry out the update and then get my settings or files back.

That's why I wrote a small tool that will take care of future updates for me. If you are dealing with the same problems, you can download the tool from my website: ... l-updates/

It is free and an english manual is also included in the ZIP. The operation is quite simple.
If anyone has a suggestion to expand the tool, please send me an email.

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