Push/Pull encoders for A320 FCU

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Push/Pull encoders for A320 FCU

Post by habhab »

I want to build my own A320 FCU, starting with a prototype to learn all the ins and outs of FSUIPC, MobiFlight, Arduino, ... whatever is needed. I'm still in study phase, and currently using JeeHell Airbus. My end goal is to build my own DIY A320 cockpit. I consider this as a 10 year project, and I'm only starting as a newbee.

One of the challenges for the FCU is finding the encoders. I searched forums and googled a lot, and I have some ideas, but would like to check with the experts here. So some questions below:

  • Finding encoders with push only is easy and cheap, but for push/pull, I seem only to find a few vendors and prices are in the range of 70 € each. Anybody here with some buying tips, partnumbers, vendors?
  • Has anybody ever "compromised" to use only push? By pushing you could "toggle" between managed and selected mode. It's not an accurate simulation, I know, but it differs a few 100 €. (I'm afraid that some hard core simmers will feel terrified now :shock: )
  • Has anybody information on how many steps per complete rotation these encoders should have? Is this 36, 24, ...? I think I once read somewhere that it is 20?
  • Has anybody a solution for the altitude selector knob, which needs an additional ring to select between 100 / 1000?

All feedback is very appreciated! Thanks a lot!

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Re: Push/Pull encoders for A320 FCU

Post by masterp »

Hi habhab,

there are one solution look very compromising just arrived 2 days ago. Check this link then you can follow as DIY.


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