OEM Airbus Standby Instruments for Sale

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OEM Airbus Standby Instruments for Sale

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Photos are too large to be listed on the forum - they are accessible at https://soarbywire.com/2022/03/13/airbu ... -for-sale/

Standby Horizon Indicator
Airbus A320 Standby Horizon Indicator, interfaced with stepper motors

OEM Standby Horizon Indicator interfaced with two Bipolar Stepper motors; Gyroscope is also operational and has been placed on a 3D printed stand for noise ambience. Wires, gyroscope, cannon plugs all included.

Gyroscope in operation – https://youtu.be/BWogQ40RAK4

USD $650.00

Standby Airspeed Indicator
Airspeed Indicator has already been converted with a servo motor (condition is unknown)
Canon plug included

USD $350

Standby Altimeter Indicator

Canon Plug included
USD $660
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