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Skalarki-Cockpit for sale! - Updated Prices for parts

Posted: Mon Nov 29, 2021 11:26 am
by HenrikF
Hello Everyone!

It´s time to move on. :geek: Due to moving to my new house i was considering about my actual setup. First idea was to add a shell, but now i´m in touch with FDS for a complete new solution, so my actual sim will be for sale:
I took some time to get all infomration about the hardware, but if you missing something, just tell me by PM or email (English or german). Important: Seats are NOT INCLUDED and are not for sale.

- Basement Chipboard with wooden frame beyond and carpet with insertions for pedals
- Pedals with linkage from Cockpitsonic with separate brakes, interfaced with Leo-Bodnar-card (Original interfaces from Cockpitsonic included)

- Seats not included and not for sale (will be used in new cockpit)

- MIP Plywood Structure with glareshield of plywood
- CPT/FO/EWD/SD Panels P&P with Control&Audiopanels from Skalarki complete with TFT-monitors attached
- ABRK, Gearlever, Clock and Tripplegauge P&P from Skalarki (2013/2014 version)
- FCU/EFIS CPT&FO/Glarewingpanels P&P from Skalarki (2013/2014 version)
- Lighting with dimmer controlled from Pedestal
- Electrical connectors on backside

- Sidebases from VierimPott CPT & FO
- Sidestick Cockpitsonic CPT & FO
- Tiller Opencockpits CPT & FO
- interfaced with Leo-Bodnar-card (Original interface Sidestick from Cockpitsonic included)
- Set of LED lamps/dimmers/solenoids for lighting of sidebases included, but not installed

- Overheadframe steelconstruction with bluepaintfinish with forward- and aft-attachment to basement
- Overhead and AFT P&P from Skalarki (2013/2014 IO-Boardversion, that means not every panel is P&P for itself, but the whole overhead is one USB-connector)
- Installed switchguards for korryswitches, Guards for pushbuttons included, but not installed
- Pushback and Refuelpanel P&P from Skalarki (2016 version) as shown installed on CPT-side (separate USB-connector)
- Fully backlighted

- Pedestal plywood box P&P from Skalarki (2013/2014 version)
- Throttle quadrant with motorized trim with engcontrolpanel P&P
- 2 x MCDU P&P
- 2 x Radio P&P
- 2 x ACP P&P
- ECAM P&P with connections to:
- Weatherradar
- Lower Pedestal with Door, flaps, Spoilers, ruuder trim and brake (Gravity gear/ printer not installed)
- Fully backlighted

- 2x Beamer BenQ 1080 ST (new lamps are required soon, they have different brightness)
- 2 x Vogels Beamermountings with extentible arms and beamer attachmentplate
- Fly-Elise Immersive Display Pro Ultimate Version USB dongle with setup for projectionarea
- Projectionarea 1,60m radius selfmade with PVC-Plates and wooden attachments if needed

You can ask for parts, i will give you a price and collect all requests. When selling in parts, a separate licence of Skalarki-IO-profiler will be necessary.

Update 08.03.2022: All parts except the TQ are now saled.

MIP with Panels: (paid and shipped)
FCU & Glarewings : (paid and shipped)
Overhead with Panels, Frame & Stand: (paid and shipped)
Pedestal with Throttle & Panels: (paid and shipped)
Sidebase CPT with Stick und Tiller: (paid and shipped)
Sidebase FO with Stick und Tiller: (paid and shipped)
Rudderpedals CPT/FO: 1.500 € (paid and shipped)

TQ from pedestal: (make an offer)

Visual system (beamers/arms/flyeliselicense): (paid and shipped)

wooden structures are free of charge by pickup and visualsystem (beamers/arms) on request as addition to parts.

If you have questions, just contact me!

Best regards