FDS older CDU and jeehell

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FDS older CDU and jeehell

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Hi everyone, I want to thank who helped me with the ACP pots question!!! I have now a different question regarding and older FDS MCDU (see pictures) when I connect the card it acts like a keyboard emulator, I cannot get interface it or CDU FDS software to recognize it. My question is, can I configure a keyboard emulator card for my CDUs? If so how? Since it’s not detected as a joystick card either. Is it by offsets?


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Re: FDS older CDU and jeehell

Post by buentead »

I used to have the FDS CDU (InterfaceIT CDU Rev5) years ago. If I remember correctly, I had the following set up:
- Dedicated (low profile) PC for the MCDU without a keyboard attached
- Attached the FDS CDU through the USB cable -> acts as a keyboard
- Accessing the PC through 'remote desktop' (or teamviewer, TightVNC or similar). This is necessary as the PC couldn't handle two keyboards
- Starting A320 FMGS MCDU software (only the screen, as the keyboard was in hardware). IMPORTANT: ensure that the application has focus! Otherwise the FDS CDU 'keyboard' doesn't write to the correct application

As my FDS CDU was developed for Project Magenta (PM), I requested some keyboard re-assignment at tekworx, e.g. PM is using Ctrl-fx whereas JeeHell FMGS is using Shift-Fx to access the different screens on the MCDU.

I hope this is a starting point.
cu, Adrian

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