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Where and how to control intensity of display elements

Posted: Mon Apr 19, 2021 6:20 pm
by habhab
I'm building my own A320 cockpit. I'm making a mockup for the FCU using 3D-printing, CNC and laser. Electronics and software are already working on the FMGS add-on (making use of API).

What I was wondering is if there are ways to control the light output of all the elements in a cockpit. What commands can I use for that?

See below picture identifying 5 elements.
Where to control intensity.gif
1) Intensity of indicators related to SPD, HDG, ALT and V/S
2) Intensity of 7-segment display
3) Backlighting of panel
4) Permanent indicators of Korry switches
5) Status of Korry switches

As I think that 1) and 2) in a real A320 is based on LCD-panel with backlighting, it's probably an irrelevant question.
I can also assume that 3 and 4 are controlled together.
Might even be that there is nothing to control at all, and all is defaulted to a certain intensity.

Just curious...