Old Modules from FDS

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Old Modules from FDS

Post by MarkusxX »

Hello, i hope all can Understand my bad Englisch :)

I have Old Modules from FDS this is :

Overhead with InterfaceIT Controller
Pedestal with FDS FC-1 Controller to bring Up the Speed Brake, Throttle, Flaps

The Flaps work in the Config only dont show the Throttles and i cant find the settings for Speed Brake .

And how can Set Up the Overhead to config the Korrys ?


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Re: Old Modules from FDS

Post by bbruechmann »

Hi Markus, wouldn´t it be more consequent to ask FDS Peter Cos these questions, because they seem to be hardware specific.

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Re: Old Modules from FDS

Post by buentead »

Hi Markus

In order to configure the overhead InterfaceIT controllers, you have to install JL FMGS software first. Under the installation option "Hardware Modules" select "FDS Modules Support" and then "New Modul" (or "Legacy Modul"). After the installation go to the directory "C:\A320FMGS\Hardware Modules" and start "IITcreator_v2.exe". Make sure the InterfaceIT controllers are connected! Now, you can configure the switches and LEDs very easily.
Note: Make sure you don't mix different LED's (e.g. blue, red, amber, green) in the same 'block' (with same GND).

I used FDS-SYS1 and FDS-SYS2 for the Overhead Panel. FDS-SYS3 is used for the MIP. I attached my wiring Excel for reference, which you may use as a base if you don't have the cabling documentation yet.

Regarding the FDS-FC1 controller: I don't understand the problem you have. In my case, I'm using it for the throttle and the brightness poti's of ND's and PFD's. All works fine and no issues. The only point is; make sure you don't connect two FDS-FC1 to the same PC.
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