FCU from FDS with G3 interface

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FCU from FDS with G3 interface

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Hey Guys
FIrst of all happy new year to all of you - wish you guys a better 2021 than we all had last year!!!

I have one of the newer FCU's from FDS with the G3 interface and I have an issue with the knobs lighning - would be wondering if there are others as well with the same problem... I already got in touch with FDS and Steve Cos told me that he's quite sure that it is an issue with the output assigning in the software due to the wireing has not been done manually but with printed plates.

So the problem looks like that: When I have a look to the Cpt's EFIS, all the black knobs (FD, LS, CSTR, WPT, VORD, NDB, ARPT) are illuminated corrrectly, the text is lighted up in white all the time and the green indicator only if selected. But for the F/O's EFIS it is exactly inverted, so all the green indicators are illuminated and the text is only lighted up if selected... So maybe that's something for JL for a quick change of LED addesses for the G3 (G2 war working as expected)?

Would be interesting if there are others out in the field with the same issue?

Best Reagrds

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