Throttle Flaps Spoiler Setup

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Throttle Flaps Spoiler Setup

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Hi guys....does anybody knows how to set up the throttles, spoilers and flaps correctly.
No axis assigned in P3D.
Actual hardware Thrustmaster airbus quadrant for throttles and Saitek quadrant for spoilers and flaps.
Fsuipc does not safe my config if I assign them as direct axes.
The next time if I check the setup, the config is gone.
If I use P3D, it works without starting Fmgs(config within Fmgs deactivated)...after having started it again, its a setup mess in the sim.
Within Fmgs calibration, it does not work too.
I am a little bit confused.
Many thanks and kind wishes....Markus

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Re: Throttle Flaps Spoiler Setup

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You should be using the FMGS_Config.exe to setup controls for JH and maybe... read... the... manual :)

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