World Flight VATSIM Charity Event

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Re: World Flight VATSIM Charity Event

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disregard, obsolete
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Re: World Flight VATSIM Charity Event

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I did. Sorry for not responding. You should hear back from me soon.
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World Flight VATSIM - Team JeeHell

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we already got the official approval to participate the World Flight with 3 different JeeHell Homecockpits and will assign the different legs to the 3 simulators (hand over the virtual aircraft).

So far we are ready and just waiting for the Route Schedule. We really need one or two pilots who are interesting to fly some legs due to the VATSIM World Flight. For sure you need a JeeHell A320, VATSIM and you should be familiar with flying online.

Please PM me or Thierry if you are interested and need further details.

More information of our team can be found on the offical team website:
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