IVAO vs VATSIM - Some statistical data for EU region

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IVAO vs VATSIM - Some statistical data for EU region

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Dear all,

Vatsim is known to be a strong network for US, but how does it look for the EU compared to IVAO? As I am mostly flying within EU, especially Germany, I wanted to know, which network would deliver the best online experience in terms of ATC coverage as well as traffic density in this area.

So I did a comparison of the two networks for some weeks. Here are the results. I hope, it's helpful.

A few comments:
  • The data is too small to call it statistically representative
  • I only looked at the coverage and not at any other qualitative aspects (like professionalism of the controllers)
  • Focus was on EU and especially Germany
https://www.dropbox.com/s/y415exqxyotj0 ... n.pdf?dl=0


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