Jeehell and MSFS2020

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Jeehell and MSFS2020

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Today Microsoft announced there release date of the new Flight Simulator in August.
Is a Version of the FMGS planned for this?

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Re: Jeehell and MSFS2020

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I do not have any plans for now.
I still do not have access to their SDK.
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Re: Jeehell and MSFS2020

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JL, we do not dare to hope for this, but if it were within the realm of possibility... :( perhaps even with the new MSFS A320 NEO :). Of course it´s on you and you would need to know how much work it would meant to migrate the FMGS or vice versa at least.
Mais pour cela, je vous incluras dans mes prières... :P

P.S. Vive la France! (est signifié honnêtement - because we owe the advanced cockpit to the French at Airbus and our beloved FMGS also to such a one from beautiful Nice)

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